Apple pushes XProtect & MRT Updates

Sunday, March 22, 2020 11:14 AM

Apple has pushed updates to XProtect and MRT

Apple has pushed two updates, to the data files used by XProtect, bringing its version number to 2116, dated 19 March 2020, and to its malware removal tool MRT, bringing it to version 1.57, also dated 19 March 2020.

Apple doesn’t release information about what these updates add or change, and now obfuscates the identities of malware detected by XProtect using internal code names. The only difference in the newer XProtect definitions is the addition of the signature for one item detected as MACOS.c592675.

You can check whether this update has been installed by opening System Information via About This Mac, and selecting the Installations item under Software.


Use SilentKnight or Go to Our Blog/Archive, New Blog post 20 for a link to download SilentKnight.