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macOS Support & Troubleshooting

122 Goat Lake Road Chester Nova Scotia B0J1J0


Contact us   902 980 1700   10am to 5pm,  7 days a week

Contact us  24/7



We wear N95 masks, hand sanitizer is supplied

drop boxes are outside,

Social distancing rules apply

Computers are cleaned before & after

Tools & surfaces are cleaned regularly.

Hours of opening,

Please call or email

to arrange an appointment

Mon  10am till 5pm

Tue   10am till 5pm

Wed  10am till 5pm

Thur 10am till 5pm

Fri    10am till 5pm

Sat    10am till 5pm

Sun   10am till 5pm

We repair and upgrade

MacBook Logic Board Repair (Corrosion)

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair 

MacBook Screen Replacement 

MacBook Battery Replacement 

MacBook Keyboard and Trackpad Replacement 

MacBook Fan Replacement

MacBook SSD/Flash drive replacements and upgrades(2012-2015) 

MacBook RAM upgrades (Pre 2013 non retina devices only)

macOS Support & Troubleshooting

Intel & M1, M2 Support

iMac Hard Drive, SSD replacements and upgrades. 

iMac Logic Board Repair 

iMac screen replacements 

iMac RAM upgrades

iMac fan replacements 

And more! 

NO iPhone or iPad repairs

NO Microsoft window computer repairs

iMac really slow

It's not because you need more memory

You probably purchased from new with a slow 5400rpm hard drive

Your iMac needs to be upgraded to a Solid State Drive