Apple Adds New Features to Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, Compressor, and Logic Pro

Thursday, November 30, 2023 3:24 PM

Apple today released updates for its Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Motion, Compressor, and Logic Pro software, introducing new features and optimizations. Apple announced the Final Cut Pro updates for iPad and Mac earlier this month and has now launched them. 

final cut pro
Final Cut Pro on the Mac has been updated with organizational refinements like automatic timeline scrolling. Users will be able to keep their clips in view during playback, with the view able to be adjusted using keyboard shortcuts or the Zoom option.

The organization of the timeline is viewable at a glance, and it is easier to differentiate clips by assigned role using distinct colors. Apple also added tools for cleaning up complex timeline sections and fine tuning edits by combining overlapping connected clips into a single connected storyline.

On Apple silicon Macs, exporting projects in H.264 and HEVC is faster than before as Final Cut Pro is able to send video segments to available media engines for simultaneous processing.

On the ‌iPad‌, the updated version of Final Cut Pro includes voiceover capabilities that let creators record narration and audio directly into the timeline with the ‌iPad‌. In pro camera mode, stabilization now improves shaky footage for smoother video, and there are new options for combining connected clips. Editing is being sped up through new keyboard shortcuts for voiceover and grouping clips, plus there are new color-grading presets and titles.

iMovie and Compressor include the same file exporting optimizations on M1 Max, M1 Ultra, M2Max, ‌M2‌ Ultra, and M3 Max machines. iMovie also includes new options for creating stereoscopic packages for the iTunes Store, and support for JSON and XML when batch exporting submissions using the command line.

Motion has improvements to the Object Tracker on Macs with Apple silicon, and for Logic Pro, Apple has added bug fixes.

Final Cut Pro for Mac is priced at $300, and Final Cut Pro for ‌iPad‌ is priced at $4.99 per month or $49 per year. Compressor and Motion for Mac are priced at $50 each, Logic Pro is $200, and iMovie is free.