iOS 16.4.1 Rumored to Launch Soon for iPhone Amid Weather and Wi-Fi Issues

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 11:19 AM

Apple is preparing to release iOS 16.4.1 for the iPhone, according to a source with a proven track record for upcoming software updates. It's unclear when the update will be available, but it will likely be released this week or next week.

Minor updates like iOS 16.4.1 are typically focused on bug fixes and security improvements. Since the release of iOS 16.4 in late March, some iPhone users have complained about issues with the Weather app and having to re-enter Wi-Fi passwords. Apple's system status pages acknowledge issues with the Weather app and WeatherKit.

iOS 16.4.1 would be a stopgap update while iOS 16.5 remains in testing. Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 16.5 last week with a few minor changes, including the addition of a Sports tab in the Apple News app and the ability to start a screen recording with Siri. iOS 16.5 will likely be released to the public at some point in May.