Apple Updates Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for Mac to Support New iPad Apps

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 10:52 AM

Alongside today's launch of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, Apple has updated its video and audio apps for Mac to integrate with the iPad apps as well as deliver new features and bug fixes.

Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 [Mac App Store] allows you to import your projects created in Final Cut Pro for ‌iPad‌, offers automatic color management for editing HDR and SDR clips in the same project, brings a new collection of titles, effects, and transitions, and adds a Scene Removal Mask tool to remove and replace backgrounds behind subjects without using a green screen. Apple has also released Pro Video Formats 2.2.5 with the latest professional video codec updates.

Motion 5.6.4 [Mac App Store] adds an automatic color processing feature for adapting to HDR and SDR timelines from Final Cut Pro, new HDR-optimized color processing sliders, new Green Screen Keyer and Luma Keyer filters for isolating foreground subjects, and improved performance.

Compressor 4.6.4 [Mac App Store] can now automatically center cropped video, supports standard copy-and-paste keyboard shortcuts for adding files from Finder to the batch window, and more.

Logic Pro 10.7.8 [Mac App Store] adds project roundtrip capabilities to support Logic Pro for ‌iPad‌, while also delivering several bug fixes and performance improvements.

And finally, iMovie [Mac App Store] has been updated to version 10.3.6 with stability and performance improvements.