Monday, September 18, 2023 3:55 PM

Nearly all pages are spreading false information about iPhone 15 Cameras.
You can read nearly everywhere about a 3x or 5x optical zoom.
The Iphone 15 Pro Max has 3 fixed prime lenses and no optical zoom.
- 13mm fixed prime lens with 12MP
- 24mm fixed prime lens with 48MP
- 120mm fixed prime lens with 12mp.
The iPhone 15 Pro has a 77mm fixed prime telephoto lens with 12MP instead of the 120mm.

This means for macro the phone take a 13mm shot and crop the picture (including digital processing). So a macro shot has NOT 12MP it is a upscaled 3MP image and using 1/4 of the sensor surface.
100mm with 15PM is a digital zoom which has just 3MP with 1/16th of the sensor surface (means less light and lower resolution)! The iPhone 15 Pro will use a digital zoom of 1.3 from a 77mm 12MP shot and use 62% of the sensor surface and around 7.5MP.
So for focal lengths in this area the 15 Pro outperforms the 15 Pro Max by a lot.
That is the reason why an optical zoom or a prime focal length with digital zoom makes a huge difference. If the IP 15PM would have a 5x optical zoom between 24mm and 120mm would mean sth completely different. You would have at any focal length nearly the same sensor surface and the same resolution….

Any information about 5x optical zoom is misleading and wrong. Even on the technical data page Apple stated “48mm through quadpixel sensor” which means nothing else than digital crop. With 24mm pixel-binning is used so it just have half of the resolution (24MP) but the full sensor surface.
Apple is trying to confuse ppl by saying “you can optical zoom in and out of 24mm”. But the optical focal lenghts are just 13mm, 24mm and 120/77mm.

I think it is very important to make this clear especially if you see how many ppl are buying an iPhone 15 Pro Max because of the camera (its better isn’t it?). If you use very often focal lengths around 80-100mm this would be a huge disappointment.