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Used Macs for sale

M1 13" MacBook Pro , A2338, 2020

Space grey

Apple M1 (APL1102)

256GB Flash Storage

8GB of 4266 MT/s LPDDR4X Memory

Touch bar

Finger print sensor

Force touch track pad

Wi-Fi 802.11ax wi fi 6

Bluetooth 5.0

2 Thunderbolt 4 ports/USB 4 Ports up to 40Gbps

Clean instal of Ventura 13.1

Original 61w USB-C Charger

USB-C to USB-C Charger cable

  Battery cycles

Excellent condition

Very fast, outperforms i7, i9 intel processors and without the heat


More soon.

New External DVD/CD Drive


New 96w USB-C Charger

Good for all MacBooks that have 45w, 60w, 85w chargers

The beauty of this charger is the cable is separate

On the older style chargers the weak points were either end of the cable

when they got damaged you had to replace the whole charger brick

with this new charger if the cable gets damaged

you only have to replace the cable and not the charger brick

Compatible with MacBooks that use

Mag-Safe 1 45w, 60w, 85w

Mag-Safe 2, 45w, 60w, 85w

USB-C, 29w, 30w, 61w, 87w, 96w



Mag-safe 2



Mag-safe 1




New USB-C, 96w Charger

$110 no tax

$28 no tax

$28 no tax

$28 no tax